I’m proud to support Deborah Prickett for School Board – like me, Deborah believes in Public Education and also School Choice, with the only focus being what is best for our kids here in North/East Wake County.

Fred Von Canon, Candidate for House District 35

Deborah Prickett and I worked together with other community partners to bring about a quality safety initiative to the Wake County Public School System when she served on the school board from 2009-13. Safety for students, staff and families has always been one of her top priorities.

Donnie Harrison, Former Wake County Sheriff

Deborah returning to the school board is just what the students of Wake County need. She  will provide a more prosperous education for the students and be fiscally responsible at the same time.
Karen Weathers, Candidate, Wake County Board of Commissioners

I endorse Deborah Prickett as a candidate for the Wake County Board of Education in District One. Deborah's previous service as a Wake County School Board member along with over 30 years of experience as an educator qualifies her for this position. Deborah and I both agree that the safety of our students and staff members must remain a top priority. Please support Deborah for school board on November 3rd.

Greg Jones, Candidate, Wake County Board of Commissioners

I first met Deborah Prickett in 2009, when she was running for a seat at the Wake County School Board, and while I was helping with the campaign of another candidate for Wake County Board of Commissioners.


One of the first things that I learned about Mrs. Prickett, is how respected she was, by the other candidates running for office. Her knowledge, and ability to articulate her vision, was one of the main reasons she is so well regarded. It speaks volumes, when you are respected by your peers, and she most certainly was then, as she most certainly is today.


While she served as a member of the Wake County Board of Education, Mrs. Prickett was integral, in paving the way for a true conservative and responsible management of the responsibilities of the largest School System in North Carolina.


She is never afraid to stand for what she believes, and what I believe is in the best interest of our students and families. She is precisely what the County needs now, to regain the trust of our community and the parents of Wake County students.


I have full faith in her commitment to the welfare of our children, and she would be a voice of reason, while we grow as a County and while the obstacles we face, seem more daunting than ever. She has my full support and deserves yours as well.

Faruk Okcetin, Candidate, Wake County Board of Commissioners

Deborah has worked with the WCPSS budget as Vice-Chair of Finance when she was on the school board 2009-13 and understands how important it is to be fiscally responsible in delivering a sound budget to the County Commissioners. I look forward to working with her.

Steve Hale, Candidate, Wake County Board of Commissioners

North Carolina School Choice proudly endorses Deborah Prickett for Wake County School Board, as she stands strongly to support K12 options for families, while her opponent obstructs and works to eliminate educational opportunities.

Angela Humphries, North Carolina School Choice

Deborah Prickett is a seasoned education professional and previous Wake School Board member, who knows how to return Wake County schools' focus back on academics and student achievement from political activism. She knows how to align a school budget to increase student achievement. Deborah will ensure that instruction adheres to state standards, and that all curriculum is transparent to parents. District 1 needs Prickett now, more than ever!

— Amy Marshall, Wake Conservative Parents Alliance

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