• Ensuring all student instruction adheres to state standards

  • Listening to and addressing the concerns of families and community groups

  • Reducing the number of students who drop out of high school

  • Developing a pipeline of highly qualified teachers and administrators

  • Hiring proven turnaround leaders for our low-performing schools

  • Re-evaluating curriculum to ensure it supports the needs of students

  • Evaluating and modifying the district budget as necessary to ensure it aligns with advancing student growth and achievement


Student achievement in reading and math has been stagnant or declining for years. The number of low-performing and recurring low-performing schools in the district are increasing, and more than half of the schools in Wake County received a letter grade of C or worse. It is no wonder that every year more and more families are choosing other options. I am all for families having a choice, but the exodus is concerning. It means our public schools are not delivering and not serving the needs of students and families. We need to do better! 

The board’s attention must be on delivering a quality education to every student in every one of our schools.


The following information is based on 2018-19 NC Department of Public Instruction data for Wake County (the most recent verified data):

  • Number of Schools: 181

  • Schools that received a grade of C or less: 98

  • Schools that did not meet growth: 66

  • Low-performing schools: 30

  • Recurring Low-Performing Schools: 26

  • Number of student dropouts: 762

District 1 has a total of 28 schools: 8 are low-performing and 7 are recurring low-performing


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Wake County School Board

District 1